5 signs it might be time to join Cynergi

Whether it’s because you’ve become bored at your gym, or the gym you’re currently attending just isn’t fully equipped enough for you, one thing is for sure… maybe it’s time to start thinking about joining Cynergi.

The classes at your gym just aren’t doing it for you

One of the best things about attending a gym it is that you have the option to either do your own thing or join a class. If you prefer going to classes, but the classes at your gym just aren’t enough for you, then maybe it’s time to leave that gym behind and join Cynergi.

With a total of 40 classes ranging from cardio, to strength training, yoga and pilates, starting from 7 am till 7 pm on a daily basis, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice.

You’ve hit a plateau

And it might not be you, it might actually be your gym. Maybe the weights aren’t large enough for you, or the variety of the machines available just isn’t enough anymore.

At Cynergi, you will find a vast array of equipment that will cater for each and every one of your workout needs.

You get bored at the gym

When your gym isn’t fully equipped with all the variety you might need for your workout routine, it might be easy to get bored.

With a squash court, a fully equipped machine area, functional training section, cardio section, fitness studio and a pool and spa area to unwind, Cynergi is the perfect gym to join to beat your workout boredom.

The staff isn’t welcoming

When you’re attending a gym and you’re afraid, or even shy to ask any fitness professional for help, that’s when you know you’ve got a problem. If the staff isn’t very welcoming or approachable, how are you supposed to learn whether or not you’re making any workout mistakes?

Here at Cynergi, our fitness professionals will be on the look out to check up on you regularly whilst also making sure that you’re on the way to reaching your fitness goals in the best way possible.

You never go to the gym anymore

Clearly, something went wrong along the way, and now it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to get back on the band wagon and into the exercise routine.

Joining Cynergi means that upon sign up, you’ll receive your very own fitness plan tailor made for you based on your personal goals by one of our fitness professionals. Your fitness programme will also be updated on a regular basis throughout your membership at Cynergi, all free of charge.

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