Train easy knowing that your kids are safe and sound

You can train with ease knowing that you kids are enjoying themselves in our kiddos club.

We’ll keep them busy with all sorts of fun activities while you smash through that workout.

Kiddos club is available from Monday to Friday 09:00 -18:00, as well as on Saturday & Sunday 9:00-16:00

A Discounted rate of €6.50 per hour is offered to Cynergi members and employees.

You can even benefit from one of our package deals!

Packages Discounted Packages*
      10hours- 55 euros       10hours- 50 euros
      15hours- 80 euros       15hours- 70 euros
      25hours- 115 euros       25hours- 100 euros

For more information about the Kiddos Club, you can ask one of our representatives at the reception desk.

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