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Do’s and Don’ts at the gym

The gym is considered a haven for many people, a break from the everyday rigours of life and the stresses it brings. People head to the gym knowing they can blow off steam by smashing their fitness goals and sweating bucket loads to a better version of themselves.

The gym can be extremely intimidating for new clients. There are a lot of people occupying gym space with many confusing equipment, many more classes than they need to know and once they start to eventually get the hang of things, comes the unwritten etiquette rules of the gym world.

We’ve come up with an introductory list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to exercising at Cynergi.


  • Wipe down Gym Equipment when done.
    Even though this has been mandatory for years, given that the COVID-19 Pandemic is well and truly a part of our lives. One MUST definitely wipe down their equipment with sanitizers and must always have a towel on every machine you use. People are working hard and sweating. That’s obviously a good thing but no one wants to work out in a puddle of someone else’s sweat. It’s Nothing short of disgusting. It’s simple, helpful and appreciated by all!
    To go the extra mile, we even recommending wiping down the machine you use BEFORE you work out on it – to give it that extra bit of protection.
  • Use the squat rack properly.
    Cynergi is host to 3 squat racks, above the average of 2 per gym. Therefore giving more people the chance to use the squat racks. It may be a good idea to ask one of our gym floor members to guide you on how best to use it as a beginner. This area is usually occupied by more experienced gym goers however that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to use it.
  • Put weights away when done.
    Once you’re done from your set, put them back in place. We clearly mark which weight goes onto which section of the rack. This will allow the next person who uses it after you to find their dumbbells quickly and without hassling to look in different sections of the gym. It is important to not leave them on the floor as others may trip and could cause a serious and easily avoidable injury.
  • Know when to start a conversation
    Probably the easiest way to know if someone is happy to chat or not is to see if they are wearing headphones. If they are, its usually an indicator that they are not willing to open up for a chat whilst exercising. If they are giving off bad signals, uninviting body language, avoiding eye contact etc, this may also be a good indicator of a more reserved person. If you want or need to chat to someone, wait until their set is done.
  • Stay off your phone.
    Turn off distractions, focus your body and mind on getting those sets in, if you need to use your phone, try do it after your sets are done and you’ve moved away from the machine you were using. There is nothing more frustrating than staring at someone who is mid set and checking their Instagram for likes on their story about them posing at the gym. Free up the machinery and come back when your social media check is over.


  • Be too loud.
    A few grunts or groans are acceptable. However, taking it to that excessive level makes it uncomfortable for others to work out. You don’t need to be silent, but just remind yourself about profanities and volume and consistency of noise. Respect others around you.
  • Overdo perfume/Cologne
    This is a big DON’T. in an enclosed space with a lot of sweaty bodies and lungs that need good clean oxygen to fuel the workout, a gulp of chemically driven air is not what people want to be sucking in. On the flip side of this, make sure that you are not stinking of body odor, use deodorant before your workout or shower with soap.
  • Drop weights
    Smashed toes, bruised shins, broken weights and damaged equipment are results of dropped weights. The equipment is Cynergi’s property, please respect it for our sake and for your fellow gym goers.
  • Hog machines
    if you’re taking long rest breaks, offer it to someone else. If you notice someone has an interest in using your machine but you’re not done, invite them to jump in in between your sets.
  • Stand too close to the weights:
    Remind your clients to grab the weights and step back from the rack. The space near the dumbbell rack can be a high traffic area. People are constantly grabbing weights and putting them back. If someone lifts too close to the rack, it doesn’t allow the freedom for people to grab the weight they need or return their weight to the proper spot. Give adequate space for people to move in this area and don’t be a reason why people are unable to put their weights back in the proper spot