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11 classes to get your heart pumping

If you’re not one of those gym-goers who likes to work out on the main floor and hit the weights but prefers to be part of a tight-knit group, our specially designed gym classes might be just what you’re looking for!

More than just lycra and loud music – Cynergi’s group exercise classes are enjoyable, challenging, and will inspire you to achieve your health and fitness goals! Working out with a group is energetic, motivating and most importantly, extremely effective. Attending a group exercise class gives your workouts a different twist while targeting a number of different muscle groups – all under the supervision of professional fitness instructors. And what’s more, they’re all included as part of your membership!

Here’s a breakdown of the classes we offer. We’re certain that at least one will suit your needs!

Outdoor Bootcamp

If training outdoors is your thing and you just love a breath of fresh air then outdoor Bootcamp is what you’re after. Our instructors from Keith, Mark and Catarina will be on hand to give you high-intensity exercises to do in a safe environment. Get ready to kickstart your day with your adrenaline pumping.

Bike ‘N’ Beats

Focus on the rhythm of the music while you put the pedal to the metal. This class puts a spin on usual indoor-cycling, creating a high-energy environment that makes you forget you’re even exercising! Feel the beat and move your feet – indoor cycling has never been this much fun!

(EPILEPSY WARNING: This class makes use of lighting effects which may be unsuitable for persons with photosensitive epilepsy)


Ride the calorie killer! LifeCycle is a fast-paced, athletic, cardiovascular cycling workout that burns fat fast! The pre-choreographed ride is performed on indoor bikes and is the ultimate studio experience. Guaranteed to burn maximum calories while toning bums, thighs and calves.


Greet the new day with a plethora of poses guaranteed to leave you feeling zen and freshers than ever. You will come out of our Yoga sessions feeling the peace of body and mind, ready to take on the day with a righteous attitude. Explore the balance between strength and flexibility, release stress, heal old injuries (be they physical or otherwise) and feel great again!

Power Hour

Power Hour combines traditional strength exercises with the top functional training moves to make you fitter and stronger. High-rep training, athletic movements, and a personalised training approach are key components of this results-driven workout!


In this full-body workout, we use dumbbells, barbells and body weight to challenge and strengthen all the major muscles of the body, as well as the core. We have a mixture of compound exercises to engage as many muscles as possible in a single move and isolation exercises to focus on the smaller muscle groups.  Modifications and challenges are also offered to make this class appropriate for all levels.


Pilates transforms your body into one which thinks for itself and is healthy inside and out. Through a series of exercises designed to encourage fluidity and awareness of movement, this class will lengthen and strengthen your muscles, improving posture and achieving perfect balance!

Hatha Yoga

A slower-paced class focused on escaping your busy day-to-day surroundings and looking within. Hatha Yoga introduces you to different bodily postures and breathing and meditation techniques to bring you harmony between body and mind.


Pump up for Bodybuilding season. This class is specifically designed to chisel and define your body with the help of hand weights and barbells. Tone all the major muscle groups in your body Transform your posture and tighten and your muscles – all in one class!

Twerk It!

This class is exactly what you think. Burn calories and twerk your way to your fitness goals. Twerk It! brings you a blend of Latin-inspired dances that are all aimed to keep you fit while also preparing you for the club dance floor.

Core Evolution

It’s time to get straight to the core! Having a strong core, from your shoulders to your hips, will improve your athletic performance, prevent back pain, and give you sculpted abs! Our expert coaching crew will guide you through a variety of training styles, with various exercises as well as different equipment. This class goes the extra mile to challenge your core like never before!