5 Things To Do After Working Out

Feeling down after an uplifting gym sesh?
Fitness doesn’t stop at the gym floor! There are many ways you can make the most of your workout by what you do after you’re done pumping iron.

1. Stretch It Out
Stretching isn’t only good for warming up! While your muscles are still warm and elastic after a workout, take advantage and have a good stretch. This helps prevent muscle soreness, relieve tension, and increase your range of motion. It improves mobility, promotes good posture, and enhances muscle relaxation. Click here for a great selection of post-workout stretches.


2. Chow down
Neither pigging out nor starving yourself is the right way to maximise your workout. Instead opt for high protein snacks balanced with the right amount of carbs. And don’t forget to get it into your system within 30-60 minutes post-workout for full effect!

3. Bottoms up
Who goes through a workout without breaking a sweat? Remember you need to get all that water back, so don’t forget to stay hydrated after an intense workout. Drinking at least 500ml of water or other healthy liquids (like coconut water!) right after your workout improves muscle flexibility, builds strength, and prevents muscle soreness.

4. Cool down
It’s not just about working hard and getting those gains. We all need to cool down after a great workout, otherwise you can get lightheaded or dizzy. So, think of incorporating some lighter exercises to close off a routine like a short walk or use the cool-down setting on the treadmill.

gym workout

5. Freshen Up
Speaking of cooling down, it’s good to do this literally as well. A fresh cold shower can help you heal faster and decrease muscle inflammation, meaning less soreness the next day. And while we’re here, remember to change your clothes after a good workout as well to avoid trapping moisture and promoting the growth of yeast, fungus, bacteria and germs.

Remember to make the most of your workout and take these tips!

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