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5 Reasons To Find An Exercise Buddy

You may have stopped group fitness classes and working out with friends during the COVID-19 pandemic because of social-distancing guidelines, however, it’s time to find yourself an exercise buddy and head to the gym together as you both could be of important help to each other.

1. You’ll be more committed to your goals

Research has found that more than half of the people who start exercising as a New Year’s resolution end up quitting before summer. But are you really going to skip out on your spinning class if a friend is saving a bicycle for you at the studio? In fact, working out with a friend (even virtually) pushes people to keep at it longer than

2. You’ll be less likely to quit

It’s very easy to get caught in an exercise rut, especially in the first few weeks. But research suggests that exercising with a friend can increase the amount of exercise you do. In a study published in April 2015 in the British Journal of Health Psychology, researchers found that the emotional support of someone that you trust can serve as powerful support for fitness goals.


3. It helps you feel less stressed

We often rely on family and friends to help us get through stressful periods in life. But a partner may also help relieve stress in exercise environments. In a small study published in the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, group exercise participants reported a major reduction in perceived stress levels, which was more than study participants who opted to exercise on their own.

4. You’ll push yourself to work harder

In a recent study researchers reviewed data from high school track relays and found that inferior athletes made vaster gains compared with the top ones when everyone had to perform as part of a team. The researchers were looking to test the Köhler effect, a psychological theory that says motivation increases among individuals working in groups in comparison with individuals working alone

5. Helps to stick to your goals

According to previous research, a successful group effort may help you lose more weight than when you go solo. Study participants who tried to lose weight with the help of family or friends who were also trying to lose weight (everyone participated in a program that involved counselling sessions, dietary changes, and a physical activity program) tended to be more successful than those doing the program on their own.