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How To Get Fit Fast This Summer!

how to get fit fast this summer with Cynergi health and fitness club

It’s June and the temperature is rising – summer has hit our islands! 

Want to get fit for the summer? Here’s how to start working out at the gym and not give up!

1. Check Your Priorities


Working out can feel like a chore if you don’t have the right motivation or mindset, especially if you don’t make it worth your while.  Before heading to the gym, think about what you aim to get from working out – maybe it’s stress relief, weight loss or muscle gain.  Remind yourself why this activity is important for you.

Having a clear mindset will help you feel more concentrated during your workout which in turn, you feel motivated to reach that goal.

2. Make Realistic Goals


You can’t expect yourself to change overnight. Don’t get demotivated after two weeks –  it takes time before you’ll start to see actual results. Working out is a gradual process. 

You’ll also be starting from scratch at the gym so take it easy. By setting realistic goals, you’ll be removing extra pressure to get fit fast and instead, enjoy working out and seeing positive results!

3. Eat A Balanced Diet


You are what you eat! Eating healthy is a big part of getting fit. If you eat junk, your body won’t improve. 

Although eating a nutritious diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables is important, balancing it out with carbohydrates and healthy fats will help you build muscle.

Avoid snacking and keep in mind your goal – prioritize!

4. Stay Hydrated


Don’t wait till you’re thirsty to drink. By the time you feel thirsty, you’re already slightly dehydrated.

Drink about two to three litres of water every day to flush away toxins in your body. Keeping yourself hydrated helps with digestion, muscle function as well as weight loss.

5. Exercise Regularly


Of course, you have to exercise – and regularly! Heading to the gym once or twice a week won’t give you major results. Four or five times a week will help you turn your fat into muscle and continue to tone.

Cynergi Health & Fitness | How to get fit fast in time for Summer

Finding time to go to the gym in your busy weekly schedule isn’t easy but the hard part is starting. If you really want to get fit for the summer, you need to give it your best. Fitting in one hour in your daily schedule will motivate you to keep hitting the gym and before you know it, it’ll become part of your routine!

6. Rest And Sleep Are Important Too!


Most people think that working out only means exercise but supporting your body means recovery and rest too.

Sleep is crucial for muscle gain, so your body can repair and regrow muscle tissue. It’s also highly underrated for weight loss.

Cynergi Health & Fitness | How to get fit fast in time for Summer cheat meal

Bonus: Give yourself a cheat day! Let yourself have that piece of cake – and don’t feel guilty about it!


Have we convinced you to start your summer workout session? Check out our gym facilities, wide range of classes and personal training packages at Cynergi Health & Fitness Club in St. Julian’s!

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