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The Ultimate Gym Guide for Beginners!

Ultimate Gym Guide for Beginners | Cynergi Health and Fitness

Most people want to feel better about themselves by improving their look and the ideal way to do that is by going to the gym.

But going to the gym isn’t an easy step that everyone is able to take. 

Few realize that there is no other best time to go to the gym than today – so if you’re considering heading to the gym, check out our gym guide for beginners!

1. Have Clear Aims

Before you start on your gym journey, it’s important to have clear aims in mind. Whether it’s wanting to improve your physique or to get healthy, make sure you’re going to the gym for yourself.

Cynergi Health & Fitness | The Ultimate Gym Guide for Beginners | Deadlift

2. It’s OK To Feel Nervous

Stepping into the gym and being surrounded by so many unfamiliar faces could easily make you feel overwhelmed but you’ll only feel that the first couple of times.

You might feel intimidated by others who’ve been working out for ages, but remember, everyone started from scratch, so you’ll get there too!

3. Ask For Help

As you’re still adjusting to the gym environment, you might not know how to use the different equipment. Asking someone who’s more experienced for help is the best way to learn rather than use equipment incorrectly or do the wrong techniques.

4. Share Equipment

With so many people at the gym, not all equipment will be available for use. Engage in some friendly conversation with others and take turns using the equipment.

Always remember to clean up your area and the equipment you use after you’re done!

Cynergi Health & Fitness | The Ultimate Gym Guide for Beginners | Lunges

5. Don’t Give Up

Starting is the hard part – but that’s only until you get used to exercising. After one week at the gym, you won’t see immediate results – things take time. Instead, you’ll probably feel a lot of muscle pain which means you need to rest.

Working out once or twice a week isn’t enough if you want to tone your muscle – ideally, visit the gym four to five times a week.

The more you work out, the more you’ll use heavier weights. Gradually, you’ll start to not only see results but feel better about your progress.

6. Know What’s Right For Your Body

Before starting any exercises or using any equipment, it’s best to speak to a personal trainer who will assess what is the best routine for you. Every body is different, therefore, you’ll need to train specifically to your body’s needs.

If there are certain exercises that you don’t enjoy, try out ones that fit your taste – but always ask a professional to guide you.

Cynergi Health & Fitness | The Ultimate Gym Guide for Beginners | Dumbells

BONUS: What’s the point of exercising if you don’t eat healthily?

As a beginner, you need to understand that there are certain sacrifices you must take if you want to take training seriously. A professional dietitian would be able to guide you on what foods to eat and what not to.

Are you considering hitting the gym? Get the Cynergi experience – tailored for you! With a diverse team of coaches and professional trainers, you’re bound to enjoy your time at the gym. 

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