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Top 5 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Cynergi Health & Fitness | Top 5 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Training

Most people think that hitting the gym means heavy-lifting work-out sessions to see results and such a way of thinking could be overwhelming for some. However, not everyone is the same and different people are capable of different things – even when it comes to exercise.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a training method that involves a series of short but intense work-outs, followed by a period of rest. HIIT is still a good way to burn calories, lose weight and build muscle.  Here are Cynergi’s shortlisted top 5 benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Training:

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1. Health Benefits

Exercise is meant to also improve your physical health – not just your physical appearance. By using HIIT techniques, you can lower your blood pressure and blood sugar, while improving oxygen and blood flow. 

Since the work-outs are intense, they also require you being physically and mentally present which leads to an improved mental health state and memory. 

2. Burning Calories

HIIT work-outs require maximum intensity and can be difficult at times, however, you’re burning more calories as you would during a typical workout like running.

Such high intensity intervals means doing short periods of vigorous exercise that make your heart rate speed up. When you’re running or doing any other cardio exercise, your heat pace remains the same unlike while doing HIIT work-outs in which your heart rate is fast-paced.

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3. Losing Fat

Since HIIT
burns more calories, it is therefore a more convenient way to help you lose weight, since you don’t have to spend as much time working out. 

Unlike such other forms of exercise, HIIT may be most effective for fat loss in people with overweight or obesity.This means that HIIT work-outs will make you feel good about yourself and have you feeling stronger.

4. Not Time-Consuming

HIIT’s short bursts of exercise are not time-consuming like moderately-intense continuous exercises, like running, yet are more effective.

If you’ve got a busy schedule,  HIIT workouts are ideal for you. It’s easy to squeeze in a HIIT routine during your lunch break or spend half an hour at the gym instead of two. You will achieve similar benefits when using HIIT techniques compared to jogging or biking.

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5. Building Muscle

Most HIIT workouts require moving your body in different ways. This means you’ll be able to work out different groups of muscle during the same workout, for example, one HIIT workout might require that you do squats, push-ups, and burpees which all target different muscles. Usually, every work-out while using HIIT techniques has four to six “reps”.

Multiple reps in one work-out will help you build up your muscles and improve their ability to keep working out. You’ll be able to boost your muscular endurance since you’ll be heavily using them while also not allowing immediate rest time. 

An example of a HIIT workout is when using a stationary bike that would consist of 30 seconds of cycling as fast as possible with high resistance, followed by several minutes of slow, easy cycling with low resistance.

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Regular exercise doesn’t only affect your general health, but it is essential for your mental health too. Therefore, next time you challenge yourself with a HIIT workout, make sure to rest afterwards to get the biggest gains

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