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Beginner Gym Tips: How to Overcome Gym Anxiety!

Overcome Gym Anxiety | Cynergi Health & Fitness

The hardest part of going to the gym is not the workout, but motivating yourself to overcome the gym anxiety and get there in the first place. If you find yourself dreading the same routines of entering and exiting the gym, or worrying about what others think of your body as you change, it’s time to make a change.

If you feel like other people don’t understand your skills in a certain area or that they think you’re not good at it, maybe you’re feeling some gym anxiety. It could be that you’re afraid of what other people will think of your appearance or abilities. Or maybe you have no idea what to do or how to use the equipment, and you feel like people will judge you.

The gym can be intimidating for beginners. So, learn some tips for overcoming gym anxiety and making the most of your workouts.

Overcome Gym Anxiety | Cynergi Health & Fitness | Start slow

1. Start Slow

If you feel like going to the gym is always a struggle, try setting small goals. For example, kick off a workout with just five minutes on the treadmill and then build as quickly as you can.

2. Book a Session With a Personal Trainer

Your personal trainer will help you create an exercise plan suited to your goals, needs and abilities. Working with a personal trainer can also help you learn what exercises to do, how to perform them, how to set up the equipment, and how to program your workouts.

Overcome Gym Anxiety | Cynergi Health & Fitness | Get a personal trainer

3. Manage Your Thoughts

Challenging negative thought processes will help you cope with your anxiety. There are three ways to challenge your negative thoughts: First, identify the content of your belief and then reframe it into a more helpful one. Second, look at the evidence that proves your negative thought. And finally, ask yourself if there’s anything else you can do to help cope.

4. Build Your Confidence

Going to the gym is a great way to improve your health, body, and confidence. Keep going and don’t stop! The more often you go to the gym, the easier it will get each time. The opposite is also true: the less frequently you exercise, the harder it is to stick with it.

Overcome Gym Anxiety | Cynergi Health & Fitness | Build your confidence

5. Set Goals

Set your goals, then prioritize the exercises and order of your workout. If you know exactly what exercises you want to accomplish and in what order, you’ll be able to focus on your workout — not the uncertainty of what to do next. Also, if using the locker room gives you anxiety, figure out how you can avoid it by coming dressed to work out.

By starting sessions with a personal trainer at Cynergi Health & Fitness! We have the most qualified personal trainers who will help you reach your fitness goals, from beginners to experts. Visit our gym today and begin your journey towards a healthier life and to overcome gym anxiety!