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Carbohydrates Are Good for You:  Which Carbs Are Best?

How to Choose the Best Carbs for you | Cynergi Health & Fitness

Carbs. There’s a huge misconception as to what carbs actually are. Most people think that carbs are bad and that it is best to avoid a huge intake of them, but really, carbs are actually good for you – only if you know what carbs to take and how to maintain a healthy balance.

So, let’s break it down so that you can learn about different types and how to choose the best carbs for you.

How to Choose the Best Carbs for you | Cynergi Health & Fitness | Paella

What Are Carbs?

shortened to carbs, are your body’s primary energy source. Carbs are only one type of macronutrient (the other two are protein and fat).

The main reason why carbs are important for our day-to-day diets is to provide fuel for our bodies. Some carbs can also be turned into fat, which is stored energy, ready for later use.  The three main types of carbohydrates are sugars, starches, and fibre.

How to Choose the Best Carbs for you | Cynergi Health & Fitness | Sugar


Sugary carbs are found in most food and are usually called refined carbs. Some examples are sugar-sweetened beverages, white bread, pastries and other items made with white flour. Most sugary carbs contain glucose, fructose, galactose and sucrose. So, these are the bad carbs which one should avoid. They’ve mainly processed sugars which are added to foods.

However, there are a few naturally occurring sugars which can be found in fruit and milk which are good for you. Make sure to read ingredient labels on products to see how much sugar the product contains and whether it’s the right type of sugar.


The other dietary carbohydrate is starch. Although they contain glucose too, they eventually get broken down into the digestive system. So, these are the somewhat healthier carbs that give you fuel.


And finally, fibre. Humans cannot digest fibre, but the bacteria in the digestive system can make use of some types. Plus, eating fibre is vital to your overall health.

Some examples of high-fibre foods that are healthy for you to consume are vegetables, quinoa, barley, potatoes, whole grains and beans.

How to Choose the Best Carbs for you | Fibre

Carbs & Your Health

Many also think eating carbs will cause obesity, but that’s not the case.

Yes, limiting the carbohydrates you eat can lead to weight loss but it doesn’t mean that eating lots of carbs causes you to gain weight.

It has been proved, though, that consuming a large number of refined carbs and processed foods can increase your chances of health diseases.

Furthermore, there’s the misconception that a low-carb diet is helpful since it will help you lose weight. This stems from the idea that carbs aren’t necessary for one’s diet – but they are. Carb-containing foods, like vegetables and fruits, are not only good for your health, but they also give you the required energy for you to function daily.

How to Choose the Best Carbs for you | Cynergi Health & Fitness | Burgers

If you want to stay on top of your health and eat according to your body type, visit our gym in St. Julian’s and reach out to one of our personal trainers at Cynergi Health & Fitness Club for a rundown on what foods you should be eating! Make an appointment today and stay in shape!