Self Defence classes

All of the team is gearing up to take on THE GRID 2022 this May led by one of our PTs Catarina. You’re still in the chance to join the team so you can start showing up to special training sessions every Wednesday at 6pm!

Join the Cynergi team

Saturday 2nd April the club will be opening its door to everyone, members and non- members, all day. Your favourite businesses in health and fitness will be set up in the club with fun games, special offers and freebies up for grabs.

How to Master Muscle Growth

They say muscle growth is simple, not easy. Adding size requires a lot of good old-fashioned hard work.  Muscle growth needs to check several boxes – with both nutrition and training — to help your body break down muscle tissue and build it back. It’s the principal reason most people don’t see big changes often. They do some of the work, but not all of it.   

New to the Gym

Entering a gym for the first time can be a very daunting and disheartening experience, regardless of your age or ability. But with these tips, you can prepare yourself before your first visit so that you could freely enjoy your time at the gym!