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Online personal training

Take Cynergi with you, wherever you are.

CynergiPLUS is an online personal training service from Malta’s premier health & fitness operator, offering you all the benefits of personal training without the need to go to the gym.  

One of our team of internationally qualified personal trainers will devise your own tailor-made personal training plan, based on your individual goals, and deliver that programme to you quickly and easily via our CynergiPLUS mobile phone app, where one of our fitness professionals  will provide a detailed video demonstration of each and every exercise, so you can be sure you are working out safely and effectively without supervision.  

Your trainer will be on hand via the in-app messaging service to answer any questions, help you adapt your programme, and encourage you all the way.  

CynergiPLUS is your very own personal trainer, in your pocket!

Live & on demand classes.

Personalised coaching.

1 on 1 PT meetings.

Nutrition plans.

Live & on demand classes.

Watch it now or n̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ whenever you want! 

Our easy-to-use and simple app allows your trainer to set up your program with
videos that include resting times, sets, weights and more.

Your personal trainer is in your pocket!

Personalised coaching.

 Personal training just got personal.

Whether you want to workout at the gym, in the countryside, or just do it at home, your trainer will build a customised training plan for you. Your  progress will be monitored daily and tweaks will be made to your training plan accordingly.
Need help? Let your trainer know and they’ll get back to you fast with the messages feature on the app.

1 on 1 PT sessions.

This is about you and only you.
Stay focused and set your targets with our personalised plans. Access your calender and tap on your next workout. Set up a meeting face-to-face or online with your PT to get started! It’s easy. It’s comfortable. It’s progress.

Nutrition plans.

The first wealth is your health.
Your personal trainer will be able to guide you to the most appropriate custom made plan to suit your needs. Whether it’s a simple or detailed plan, it’s made for you.

It just works. works out.


Your own tailor-made personal training programme
Initial 40-minute goal-setting video call with your trainer
Up to four optional programme review video calls with your trainer
Online messaging with your trainer Monday-Friday 8am-8pm (CET)

groupex Bundle


  • Everything CynergiPLUS offers, plus:
  • Join in our LIVE online group ex classes throughout the week
  • Access our library of On-Demand group ex classes at your convenience
  • Extended online messaging with your trainer, 7-days per week 8am-8pm (CET)
  • Up to four optional guided training session video calls with your trainer (instead of programme review calls)
  • One Tanita Body Composition Analysis (worth €15)

nutrition Bundle


  • Everything CynergiPLUS offers, plus:
  • CynergiPLUSgroupex Bundle
  • Your own tailor-made personalised nutrition plan
  • Online messaging with your trainer 24/7

*Nutritional plans are available with Cynergi Plus Lite for an additional €50.

*Upgrade to Cynergi Plus Pro for nutritional plans with Cynergi Plus.