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Squash is a great way to have fun and get fit!  Cynergi’s two WSF-approved courts are boarded and smoothed to perfection. The back walls are backfilled with silica sand and installed by professional outfitters, ASB – Germany. You can be confident your strike will be on target every time, with no craters in site and a dedicated ventilation system to improve the play environment.  Courts are available free-of-charge to gym members, or at a small charge to non-members. Members of the Malta Squash Association also benefit from discounted court charges on presentation of their membership card.

Squash – World’s Healthiest Sport

Squash has been dubbed the number one health and fitness sport in the world and its intensity compares to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. According to a recent report by the World Health Organisation, physical activity drastically improves general health and reduces the risk of certain diseases. In short, we should all do more sport – so why not choose a full-body workout that is also social and fun? Squash is also easy to learn and therefore can be played by everyone. From the tender ages of four and five, players have kept up their game well into their 70s and sometimes even their 80s!

This racquet game boasts amazing benefits, and it can be played by anyone of any age with any skill or fitness level. For those reasons Cynergi is proud to introduce you to not just one but two WSF-approved squash courts. Both courts were fully refurbished along with our gym in 2016 bringing you the best squash experience in Malta.

Why play squash?

First of all, squash is great for your heart. It keeps the heart rate up and strengthens its muscles. With constant running, jumping, twisting and lunging, squash increases your agility, flexibility and improves coordination. This sport will push your strength to the limit. And after a long and stressful day you can “squash out” all tiredness and negative feelings. Just slam the ball as hard as you can, and guaranteed you will feel much better after.

Squash strengthens the heart and muscles, and overtime they body becomes fitter and stronger and it gets used to the movements and technicality of the sport. Squash can also reduce the risk of heart disease by preventing blood vessels from getting clogged and increasing the efficiency and strength of the heart muscles. Scientists at The University of Rochester have proven that playing a racket sport for just three hours per week can lower people’s blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing heart complications. That’s in addition to the calories burnt. For those who like calorie-counting, playing squash can burn 700 – 1000 calories per hour! 

Start your Squash Lifestyle at Cynergi's WSF Approved Squash Court

Member x2


Member & Malta Squash Member

€5 - PEAK

Member & Non-Member

€7 - PEAK

Malta Squash Member x2

€10 - PEAK

Malta Squash + Non-member

€12 - PEAK
€10 - OFF-PEAK

Non-Member x2

€14 - PEAK
€10 - OFF-PEAK

*All above prices are per court

For more details please speak to a member of staff, or send us an email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to ensure the playing surface is kept in top condition, only footwear with white or caramel-coloured, non-marking soles is permitted on the squash courts. Coloured soles, even of a non-marking variety will not be permitted on court. If in doubt, please check with the club before booking.