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6 Benefits of Group Exercise classes

Working out with a group is energetic, motivating and most importantly, extremely effective. Attending a fitness class allows people to give their workouts a fun twist while targeting a number of different muscle groups – all under the supervision of professional fitness instructors. Here we are going to look at 6 benefits of signing up for group exercise classes.

1.  Motivation

When working out alone, it’s easy to slow down and occasionally feel demotivated, which could easily affect your fitness progress. In group exercise, your heart rate will be at a constant high. Add some mood lights and loud music and you fitness instructor’s loud voice and you are guaranteed to feel as motivated as ever!

2. Personalised Coaching

If you are new to fitness and have to some reservations as to how to do certain exercises, group exercise classes provide the perfect environment to begin your fitness journey. Your instructor will guide you as to how to perform exercises and which muscle groups to target, giving you constant feedback on your form and ensuring that you are having a safe workout. This does not only apply to beginners, as persons of all fitness levels can benefit from such guidance.

3. Structure

Once you find a fitness class that meets your needs, it will become part of your own weekly (or even daily) workout routine. With the dates already set in stone, you will know in advance when you will be working out and will be more likely to get working, as opposed to choosing random dates to work out without a schedule. Each group exercise class also comes with its own warm up and cool down so all you have to do is show up!

4. Become Part of a Community

Everybody in a group exercise class has the same goals as you and is striving to enhance their fitness level and gain overall self-improvement. Because of this, members of your class can encourage and motivate you to be your best self and help you reach your fitness goals. Who knows, you may even make some friends for life!

5. Variety

One of the biggest obstacles to getting your dream body is boredom. And doing the same gym workout over and over again is likely to lead to just that. Group exercise classes can be as diverse as ever meaning there is always something different to choose from, allowing you to mix things up and prevent yourself from developing a monotonous routine.

6. Fun

Working out doesn’t need to be a constant struggle – it should be an enjoyable experience and something to look forward to. Group exercise classes create a fun, social and stimulating environment which is why they are kitted out with special sound and lighting systems and highly enthusiastic fitness instructors. Find a group exercise class that appeals to you and you will be returning time and time again.

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