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Being a member
What memberships are available?

We have a variety of membership options available – each with an array of different features and benefits – designed to suit most budgets and lifestyles. Find out more about the different types of membership here, or speak to a member of our Front of House team, who will be happy to help you choose the membership that’s right for you.

What are the membership prices?

Cynergi has a variety of membership options available to suit most budgets and lifestyles, starting from around €1 per day! If you wish to see our rates click here. We highly recommend coming to see the club with your own eyes and our Front of House team will be happy to help you choose the membership that’s right for you.

How do I join?

Joining couldn’t be easier! Simply pop into the club and speak to our Front of House team about the different options available. You’ll need to bring with you some identification (ideally a national ID card, driving licence or passport). If you’re applying for a student membership, we’ll also need to see proof that you are enrolled on a valid course of study for the period of the membership. For corporate memberships, you will need to bring along proof of entitlement – in most cases this will be simply your staff ID card, or a wage slip.

Do you offer student memberships?

Absolutely! We have a number of options available for those in full time education, and also work closely with a number of local English Language schools to provide discounted memberships to their students from overseas. Our Front of House team will be able to point you in the right direction – just remember to bring your student ID card or documentation from your place of study proving your entitlement.

Do you offer discounts if two or more people join together?

Absolutely! Joint membership is available to two or more people living at the same address. We need to see proof of address for each individual – the easiest way is via your national ID card, driving licence, or a utility or phone bill. We also offer corporate membership schemes to some local companies, based on a minimum of five or more people taking up membership at the club. If your company would like to benefit from our corporate membership scheme, please contact the club for details.

Can I trial the club before I join?

Although we do not offer free trial periods, should you decide to join the club on a long-term membership we will deduct the cost of any one-day membership you have purchased from your initial membership payment. All we ask is that you join the club within two weeks of purchasing your one day membership.

I no longer wish to continue my membership. What are my options?

Circumstances can change from time to time, so we try to be as helpful as possible.

Can’t get to the gym – can we suspend your membership?

Our continuous memberships allow you to suspend your membership for up to four full calendar months every year. That way, you can keep your membership active whilst giving you a bit of time to breathe!

Have your finances changed?

We have a variety of different membership types, and it may be possible for you to change to an alternative membership option.

We don’t want to lose you but if terminating is the only suitable option, then please call us for a chat and our Front of House team will be happy to assist you.

If you do wish to terminate, just remember you will need to take into account your notice period, which is one full calendar month (for continuous memberships). You will pay us one more payment but you will still be able to use the facilities until the end of the following month. For those members who are still within the initial term of their membership, we will make every effort to help terminate your membership as soon as possible, generally after the first three months. All termination requests must be made in writing (the easiest way is by completing a simple form at the Front Desk).

If you have a fixed-term membership, we regret that early termination is not possible.

How can I pay for my membership?

Fixed-term memberships can be paid for by cash, credit/debit card, or cheque at the Front Desk. Continuous memberships can only be paid by SEPA Direct Debit from a nominated EU bank account; we just need your IBAN and BIC details (generally available on your bank statement, through your internet banking service, or from the bank itself), and your account must be denominated in Euro(€).

What happens if I miss a payment? How do I bring my membership payments up-to-date?
Membership payments can be missed for any number of reasons, and we will always contact you to advise you of a missed payment. We’ll also notify you on your next entry to the club.

It’s important you keep both your contact details and bank details up-to-date at all times – our Front of House team can help you with this.

You can bring your payments up-to-date at the Front Desk, either by cash, credit/debit card, or cheque. If you are not able to get to the club, you can send a cheque (made payable to ‘Eden Entertainment Ltd’) to the club, or we can even provide you with our bank details so you can make a transfer online. Just remember to include your name, membership number (which is 9-digits long and begins ‘1010’, and the letters ‘CYN’ with your payment so we can correctly allocate it to your account.

If you don’t manage to bring your payments up-to-date by the next billing period, we will automatically try to collect both payments from your nominated bank account.

What is a membership suspension? How do I get one?
Going on holiday? Working away for a while? Picked up an injury?

We know it isn’t always possible to get down to the club, so we can provide flexibility on your membership and offer you a membership suspension, provided you let us know in advance. Your monthly membership payments are suspended whilst your membership is suspended, so you pay nothing for the time you’re not using the club. After your suspension has finished, your membership will just continue as before for you to enjoy, and we’ll automatically start collecting payments again.

You can suspend your membership for up to 4 calendar months per year. Suspension requests must be made in writing (the easiest way is by completing a simple form at the Front Desk), and must be received no later than the 25th day of the month prior to the requested suspension start date (ie by 25th June for a suspension due to start on 1st July).

We try to be as flexible as possible but to keep it simple we do require suspension periods to be either 1, 2, 3 or 4 full calendar months. If you’re currently in the initial term of your membership, your suspended months won’t count towards it.

Membership suspensions are only permitted on continuous memberships, and are not available to members on fixed-term memberships.

For how long do I have to sign up?

We offer a number of membership options to suit your individual needs. Our short-term memberships range from one day to four weeks in length. We also offer continuous memberships, paid by monthly direct debit, which are for an initial minimum period of three full calendar months. Our longer fixed-term agreements offer 6- and 12-month options and as with anything, if you commit to your health & fitness longer term, we’ll commit to you by giving you the best possible membership rate available – can’t say fairer than that!

To take a look at the available options and choose which one suits you best, pop into the club and speak to our Front of House team!

How old do I have to be to use the club?

Members must be at least 16 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age you must have signed parental consent.

What extras can I add to my membership?

If you’d rather not carry a big gym bag around all day, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can hire a locker for an additional monthly charge; you can even let us do the laundry with a monthly towel hire subscription.

Speak to our Front of House team for more details!

Your first visit

Is there somewhere to park nearby?

All members get three hours’ free parking in the Eden Car Park each and every visit; simply take a ticket at the barrier as normal, and get it validated at the Front Desk of the club. In fact, the club can be accessed directly from the car park via the lift – we’re on Level 5!

How do I enter the gym?

The club can be accessed from St Augustine Street via the main staircase, which is located between the Urban Jungle store and Tapaz restaurant – next to the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre. There’s also direct access to the club from the hotel gardens on Level 7, or via the lift direct from the Eden Car Park (Level 5). To enter the gym, you will need to scan your membership card at the Front Desk.

Are the changing rooms and showers easy to find?

We have two sets of changing rooms at the club – the main ones are centrally located in the gym, near the Functional Training Zone and Octagon. The second set of changing rooms are located on poolside, and are fully accessible to wheelchair users.

I’m disabled will I have problems accessing the club?

No – the majority of the club and its facilities are fully accessible to disabled members, including wheelchair users. For those few areas of the club which may be difficult to access, alternative facilities are available and can be provided to you. If you’re still not sure, we would welcome the opportunity to show you around the club and discuss any concerns with you.

Will someone show me what to do?

We know that the key to getting fit is making sure it doesn’t feel like one big hassle, so the first thing we’ll do is provide you with an introduction to exercise. Once you join, we will book you a session with one of our internationally qualified fitness professionals, who will teach you how to use all of the equipment safely and correctly.

They will also put together a tailored workout schedule with you, based on your goals – that way, you know that all the hard effort you put in to your workout (and all the sweat you get out of it) isn’t for nothing!

For the first 12 weeks of your membership with us, your instructor will stay in regular contact (at least once a week), there to lend a hand and ease you into your new fitness regime. And we’ll even update your fitness programme with you on a regular basis throughout the life of your membership with us… all free of charge, as standard.

Is personal training available at the club?

Yes of course. With the help of Cynergi’s Personal Training team, getting in shape doesn’t have to be such a struggle! Always by your side, our trainers will help you every step of the way, assisting you in achieving your immediate and long-term fitness goals.

Our Personal Trainers are all registered with the European Register of Exercise Professionals (eREPS), demonstrating that they are not only qualified to train you safely and effectively, but also that they are committed to their own continuous development whilst you continue to see results. With Cynergi’s personal training team, reaching your goals quickly, safely and enjoyably needn’t be out of your reach. For more details, check out the personal training pages here.

Group Exercise
Are all the group exercise classes free?

All of our regular group exercise classes are totally free-of-charge to all members, but some occasional speciality classes incur a small charge. You can check out our live group exercise schedule here for more details.