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Become a certified Gym Instructor in just 16 weeks with our Level 2 Gym course


Level 4


24 credits over approximately 16 weeks


Gym Level 2 Certification

About the course

Throughout the Gym Level 2 course, our goal is to train all learners to become professionally competent, enabling them to design and deliver safe and effective programs in a gym setting. Additionally, the course is designed to develop the skills of Level 2 instructors, preparing them to pursue a career of a personal trainer through our Level 3 course.

Course overview

  • Enhance learners’ understanding of anatomy and physiology as it relates to exercise and fitness.
  • Develop learners’ ability to plan and conduct safe and effective gym/exercise to music sessions.
  • Provide learners with knowledge in customer service and essential qualities for the exercise and fitness industry.
  • Raise awareness of health and safety in exercise and fitness environments.
  • Offer learners opportunities for further qualifications in the exercise and fitness industry.
  • No pre-requisite is required to sit the level 2 courses, but experience in the gym or attending fitness classes will benefit all students.
  • Theoretical concepts will be covered in a classroom setting, utilizing engaging power-point presentations to facilitate learning. Active class participation, collaborative work in pairs or groups, and open discussions are highly encouraged as essential components of the learning process.
  • For practical sessions, the appropriate environment will be utilized, depending on the subject. Adherence to health and safety protocols is paramount throughout the entire learning experience.

Learner Achievement Portfolio

One of the course requirements is to create a portfolio of evidence.  The portfolio showcases the accomplishment of all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria associated with each unit. The evidence for the portfolio could include;

  • Observed work
  • Witness statements
  • Audio-visual media
  • Evidence of prior learning or attainment
  • Written questions
  • Oral questions
  • Assignments
  • Case studies


To achieve a passing rate in any of the courses, learners must complete the Learner Achievement portfolio with a score of 100%. This portfolio will be compiled progressively throughout the course as units are covered, and learners can make necessary adjustments after receiving feedback from the tutor. Upon successfully demonstrating knowledge of each unit through the completed portfolio, learners will attain a passing mark.


In addition to the theoretical assessments, learners will undergo a practical evaluation. This involves designing and conducting a training session for a client while being assessed.

Successful completion of both practical and theoretical assessments is essential for learners to become certified.

Further learning opportunities

  • Level 2 Award in Instructing Kettlebells
  • Level 2 Award in Instructing Circuit sessions
  • Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
  • Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Strength and Conditioning for Sport

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