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How to Stay Healthy During the Christmas Holidays

How to Stay Healthy During the Christmas Holidays | Cynergi Health & Fitness

The holidays can be a joyous time where you meet with your loved ones… and eat a lot! But it can also be busy and sometimes stressful which can lead to overeating. This means, we don’t always make the healthiest choices. Life is about balance! Having that slice of cake is fine, especially some Christmas log, yet too much won’t do good for you.

If you want to eat just right during this festive season, here’s how to stay healthy during the Christmas Holidays, but without compromising the celebrations.

How to Stay Healthy During the Christmas Holidays | Cynergi Health & Fitness | Fibre Rich

1. Avoid going hungry

Feeling hungry is a normal sign from your body that it’s time to eat again, yet, it’s not fun to constantly feel hungry, especially if you’ve just finished a meal. That might be a sign that you’re not eating enough or not eating the right combinations of foods.

2. Eat regular fibre-rich meals

Fibre is mostly in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes. It fills you up and keeps your gut nice and healthy – rather than stuff yourself with snacks.

3. Change up your drink choices

If you don’t drink enough water, you’ll easily feel dehydrated. This often leads to feeling hungry, sluggish and tired. The more water you drink, the better you’ll feel! It’s also good to practise setting limits on how much alcohol you drink during the holidays!

How to Stay Healthy During the Christmas Holidays | Cynergi Health & Fitness | Wine

4. Keep active

Making movement a part of your daily routine is essential! Going for a walk or a jog is an easy and accessible type of exercise that you do daily – or visiting the gym for an hour of course! It’s important to manage your time well during the holidays, especially if you’re going out a lot and the days get busy.

5. Prioritise sleep

When on holiday-mode, getting a lot of sleep is important. Quality sleep is beneficial for many reasons, like improving your mood and getting energy. Plus, sleep will help me make better food decisions.

Cravings (especially sugar cravings) can be worsened by lack of sleep, so if you’re not getting a good seven to nine hours, that gingerbread cookie or pumpkin pie could sound a lot more appetising.

6. Eat mindfully

We don’t just eat to survive or because something tastes good; we eat for enjoyment. During the holidays, we eat for social connection and celebration. Rather than scarfing down food, focusing on using mealtime as a mindfulness practice is a good way to cut down on overeating and instead, enjoying your food.

How to Stay Healthy During the Christmas Holidays | Cynergi Health & Fitness | Meal with friends

If you want to stay on top of your health during the festive season, visit our gym in St. Julian’s and reach out to one of our personal trainers at Cynergi Health & Fitness Club! Make an appointment today and stay healthy during the Christmas Holidays (while you enjoy eating this Christmas)!