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‘More than just lycra and loud music – Cynergi’s group exercise classes are fun, challenging, and will inspire you to achieve your health and fitness goals! Working out with a group is energetic, motivating and most importantly, extremely effective. Attending a group exercise class gives your workouts a fun twist while targeting a number of different muscle groups – all under the supervision of professional fitness instructors. And what’s more, they’re all included as part of your membership!’

Cardio Classes

Toning Classes

Holistic Classes


After a short warm-up period of exercise, blast into a series of alternating repetitions of high– and medium-intensity exercise. This high intensity interval training class helps boost your resting metabolic rate for up to 24 hours, improving athletic performance and burning fat more effectively than traditional cardio workouts alone.


Ride the calorie killer! LifeCycle is a fun, athletic, cardiovascular cycling workout that burns fat fast! The pre-choreographed ride is performed on indoor bikes and is the ultimate studio experience. Guaranteed to burn maximum calories while toning bums, thighs and calves.


An hour of high intensity (HIIT) fitness, including interactive exercises done in pairs or groups, made all the more challenging as it takes place on the sand at St George’s Bay or on the hills of Pembroke Gardens! You will feel fitter, more flexible, alive and energetic (assuming you survive, of course)!


Synergistic/High-intensity/Resistance/Endurance/Dynamics: the primary elements you’ll demand of your body each time you participate in this high intensity and endurance based 30-minute workout! Utilising a 3-2-1 interval approach: 3-minutes of strength; 2-minutes of cardio; 1-minute of abs. You will shed fat, define muscle, transform the look of your entire physique and dramatically enhance your overall health and athletic performance!


A high-energy class designed to build strength, improve coordination and boost your cardiovascular resistance. Suitable for all levels – be prepared to sweat!