Ok let’s be honest, some of us barely have time to work out once a day, let alone twice, but in reality the benefits of fitting in two sessions in your day outweigh the excuses.

Let’s get right to it!

Sedentary lifestyle with minimal exercise increases risk of coronary heart disease and weight gain, so exercising more means less chances of that … but you probably already knew that.

What you probably didn’t know is that exercising twice a day will not only increase your muscle and strength growth, but it will also accelerate your metabolic rate. When done correctly, exercising twice a day will help you reach your goals quite faster.

Done correctly – that’s an important term here, because if you exercise twice a day incorrectly, you’d be in risk of injury, it might disrupt your sleep pattern and well you’ll be washing all those workout clothes for nothing.

So what can you do to make sure you’re working out twice a day PROPERLY?

The key here is to train smart!

  • Allow at least six hours between one workout and another. If you’re doing HIIT, aim for around eight hours in between.
  • Plan longer workouts earlier that the shorter ones. Do your more intense workouts in the morning and your lighter ones later.
  • Increase your calorie and nutrient intake on your rest days to help recovery. Pay attention to your sleep patterns and consider going for massage therapy on your rest days.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your workout routine. Start slow with just one day of two-workouts in a week, and as your body gets used to it, build up to two days a week and take it from there.
  • Make sure that you’re eating properly and staying well hydrated in between workouts. You’re going to need the energy.  
  • If you can, try and squeeze a short nap in between to help recovery.  

What kinds of workouts should I be doing?

Here at Cynergi, all our staff are properly trained to guide you in whatever your fitness goal may be. If you’re thinking of starting to work out twice a day, speak to one of our trainers and ask about the best way forward. They will provide you with all the tips and tricks you’ll need to succeed and will be more than happy to help you reach your target in the best way possible.

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