A good personal trainer is your life coach, nutrition guide and encourager all in one! Without them, you may reach your fitness goals, but it will be harder, it will probably take longer, and it won’t be anywhere near as much fun!

Here’s the top ten things you can only get from a date with a personal trainer:Train Smart
A properly qualified personal trainer has spent a lot of time – and money – studying health, fitness, anatomy and physiology. They’re pretty smart (as well as buff)! But it’s not just this knowledge that’s important – it’s having the skills to use that knowledge to teach others how to exercise. A good personal trainer is an educator first-and-foremost, because if you don’t know what exercise is best in helping you achieve your goals, you’re much less likely to achieve them.

Train Effective

You might know what exercises to do, but are you sure you’re doing them properly? A good personal trainer will show you the correct way to perform each exercise, maximising the results you get from your workout, making your session much more effective. After all, nothing kills your fitness dream quicker than a few weeks out due to injury!

Train Exclusive

There’s only one person who’s important to your personal trainer – and that’s you! We’re each built differently, we each have our own limitations (and of course our own advantages), and a good personal trainer will take all of these things into account to craft a workout exclusive to you. Think of it as the difference between an off-the-peg suit, and a properly tailored one!

Train Realistic

Whatever the reason we decide to join the gym, most of us want instant results and want to achieve our goals in the shortest time possible – be it fat loss, a six-pack you could grate cheese on, or the ability to run a marathon without breaking a sweat! And whilst having a specific goal is something to be commended, not all goals are so easily achieved (and when they’re not, the discouragement sets in, and can completely derail your plans). A good personal trainer will help you set SMART goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely – and they’ll keep on track, smashing one goal after another (with a little effort on your part, of course!).

Train Honest

Commitment is key to smashing those goals, and one thing a good personal trainer will do is hold you accountable – after all, your results are their results, so it’s not just your bikini body that’s on the line here, but also their professional reputation! No more ditching that early morning session for an extra hour in bed, or sacking off the Friday evening session for cocktails with colleagues: if you have a session booked, you know your personal trainer is going to be waiting, complete with stopwatch and clipboard, and you just know you have to get your A-game (and your spandex) on!

How to Master Muscle Growth

They say muscle growth is simple, not easy. Adding size requires a lot of good old-fashioned hard work.  Muscle growth needs to check several boxes – with both nutrition and training — to help your body break down muscle tissue and build it back. It’s the principal reason most people don’t see big changes often. They do some of the work, but not all of it.   

New to the Gym

Entering a gym for the first time can be a very daunting and disheartening experience, regardless of your age or ability. But with these tips, you can prepare yourself before your first visit so that you could freely enjoy your time at the gym!

7 Unexpected Benefits of Exercising

You’ve probably heard that exercise is good for your health numerous times – and you might have also heard that it’s “healthy for your heart”.