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10 things you can only get from a personal trainer- Part 2

Train Productive

There are two types of people in most gyms: there are those who have a plan, hit the machines with vigour, and bang out three sets of ten like a pro. Then there are those of us who wander into the club, spend 10 minutes here and there on whatever machines are available at the time, and maybe try to copy those buff guys in the free weights area (with a couple of half-hearted bicep curls or bench presses before slinking off to the steam room and spa). Truth is: both types of people can benefit from the direction of a good personal trainer, cutting out the wasted time, sharpening up the exercise plan, and maximising the results by making each session more productive.

Train Happy

A great workout doesn’t just provide physical benefits: it can also help with mental health issues such as depression, and is a recommended part of treatment for many medical professionals. Over and above this, during that hour with your trainer, you’ll probably find yourself discussing your week, bitching about your partner or workplace, and generally conducting an unofficial therapy session (at a much lower cost)! A good personal trainer will develop a close working relationship with you, and you’ll probably find out more about yourself as your training progresses. They’ll pick you up when your motivation is low, giving you a shoulder to lean on; the rest of the time they’ll be working on exercises to release those endorphins and give you that happy buzz!

Train Committed

Forming good habits takes time and dedication – almost as much time and dedication as breaking the bad ones! The secret is to be committed. But trying to do it on your own can feel like a real uphill struggle! Think of it like this: you have those two little cartoon characters sitting on your shoulders: the good, positive you (well spoken, dressed head to foot in white, replete with halo and wings) and the naughty, negative you (with the red, and the horns, and the gruff hamallu dialect going on). Your personal trainer is like the cheerleader behind the little white guy – cheering you on, saying all the right things, keeping you focussed on that end goal (and with a darling pair of pom-poms to boot)!

Train Flexible

Whatever your schedule, your personal trainer will work around you to make your routine fit your lifestyle: whether it’s early morning sessions before work, a blast during your lunch hour, or mid-afternoon before the children come home from school. A good personal trainer understands that everyone’s schedule is different, and whilst you might think you have no time to exercise, trust us: you do!

Train Beyond

Are you bored with your exercise routine? Have you progressed beyond the exercises you know and reached a kind of ‘fitness plateau’? A good personal trainer will take you to the next level, continuously challenging your abilities and pushing you beyond the edge of your comfort zone!

Still not convinced? Well how about this: your first session with a Cynergi personal trainer is totally free-of-charge, and without obligation. Check out the bios of our internationally qualified, dedicated team here, and speak to us about taking that first step today!