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A deeper look into Squash

Even if you haven’t heard about squash, we are pretty sure that at some point during your time at Cynergi you have seen people running around a small glass box trying to hit a tiny black ball with a racket – well that’s squash! Although from the outside it may look like the players are merely frantically sprinting around the court, there is a lot more to the sport than meets the eye.

Squash has been dubbed as the world’s healthiest sport and its intensity compares to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)workouts. According to a recent report by the World Health Organisation, physical activity drastically improves general health and reduces the risk of certain diseases. In short, we should all do more sport – so why not choose a full-body workout that is also social and fun? Squash is also easy to learn and therefore can be played by everyone. From the tender ages of four and five, players have kept up their game well into their 70s and sometimes even their 80s! 

So how can so many different people (old and young), play such a high intensity sport? Well, the sport itself strengthens the heart and muscles, and overtime they body becomes fitter and stronger and it gets used to the movements and technicality of the sport. Squash can also reduce the risk of heart disease by preventing blood vessels from getting clogged and increasing the efficiency and strength of the heart muscles. Scientists at The University of Rochester have proven that playing a racket sport for just three hours per week can lower people’s blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing heart complications. That’s in addition to the calories burnt. For those who like calorie-counting, playing squash can burn 700 – 1000 calories per hour! 

Apart from being good for your body, squash is also good for your mind. Believe it or not, squash is a thinking game where strategy often trumps force. Based on personal experience as well as feedback from others, we can attest that the focus taught to us through squash, has improved our ability to concentrate in other aspects of life. 

If we have not yet made a convincing argument, perhaps the fact that squash is playable all year round will make you want to pick up a racket. No matter the weather, squash is played indoors making it perfect for those long winter months or stifling summer seasons. The sport also has genuine global appeal; last year 47 countries hosted tour events, featuring players from 74 nations. According to US Squash, there are more than 20 million players worldwide, and although it is not yet an Olympic sport we are hopeful for inclusion in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games for the first time in history. 

Hopefully we have intrigued you into picking up a racket. If not, at least now you know our motivation to chase a small rubber ball around for an hour! We hope you enjoy watching and playing, and please don’t hesitate to come up to us to chat or to ask any questions. 

Colette and Bradley are squash coaches at Cynergi Health & Fitness club. If you require any further information do not hesitate to contact them via email