How annoying is it when you’re on the way to the gym after work and realise you’ve left your t-shirt at home?

Or maybe you’ve always needed a comfortable t-shirt to sweat the stress away in?

Well look no further because we are now giving you the opportunity to buy one our fabulously branded t-shirts or vests!

And they’re not some old boring t-shirts with just our logo on them … I mean please, you know you can expect better from us.

We’ve chosen the perfect combination of slogans and sayings that will make anyone and everyone jealous of your cool new digs.

Buying one is the easiest affair: all you have to do is pop over to our front desk, take your pick and you’re sorted for the next week at just €15 a pop (you’re going to be washing these every day just for the chance to wear them over and over again).

11 classes to get your heart pumping

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