Your Guide to Proper Training Gear

Cynergi t-shirts

You might think that throwing on the first thing you see from the “chill” area in your wardrobe will suffice for your daily work out, but wearing the appropriate gear to sweat it out will actually make a huge difference on your performance throughout your workout.

Steer away from tight clothes

Unless you want every nook and cranny on display while you train, you’ll want to steer away from tight clothing and wear something that will let you move freely.

Colour actually does matter

In summer, light clothes will help you stay cooler, whereas in winter, dark clothes will trap the light and will help you stay warm. Colour coding your clothes can make a huge difference to your workout!

Make sure the shoes you’re wearing are actually protecting your feet

Get a hold of sturdy shoes with cushioned soles to properly support your foot while you train.

Choose a sports bra designed for high impact sports

This is especially important for women with bigger busts. It will tremendously help during anything that involves either running or jumping.

Wearing jewellery while you’re working out is a big no-no.

Apart from the possibility that they will break, and you will, in turn, lose something that might have sentimental value to you, removing jewellery before working out will avoid injuries.

Cotton-based workout clothing will weigh you down while you train

Need training gear that will optimise your performance during your workout? Here at Cynergi, we’ve got the perfect training tops that will not only help your workout run smoothly, but we’ve got slogans that will make anyone watching you train jealous of your cool new digs.

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