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5 Quick Tips To Help You Improve Your Eating Habits

Armando, one of our fitness professionals,  is a nutritional coach who has made it his mission to teach people different ways of how to change their daily habits and balance their nutrition: “My job as a nutrition coach is to show you how to weigh different options, and create a healthier plan which is also sustainable for the long term.”

Here are 5 quick tips that can help anyone improve their eating habits.

Take Your Time When You’re Eating

Slow and steady truly does win the race! When it’s time to eat, take your time and eat slowly.

Make sure to have no distractions – so no phones or tv or anything that will take your attention away from the plate in front of you. Every time you have a bite, put your fork down while you chew and swallow. This will help your stomach catch up with the brain signal that tells you you’re full.

Eat up till you’re 80% full

Be conscious of how full you are feeling – which is why it is important to eat slowly. Reaching 80% fullness will avoid you feeling sick or bloated.

Drink lots of water

Especially now during the hot summer season. Keeping yourself hydrated will help transport nutrients around your body. Also keep in mind that our bodies are made up of a high percentage of water.

Include protein in every meal

Doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, paleo, and vegetarian- all meals must contain an element of protein.   Protein is the main macronutrient our body needs – not only does it help us feel fuller for longer, but it also takes care of multiple functions in the body. It helps reconstruct our muscles after a tough workout, transports cells to where they need to go, helps our immune system recover and much more. 

Always take into consideration whether or not you’re actually hungry

Most of the time, we eat and snack out of boredom. If you’re going to eat, try and see if you’re actually hungry (you’ll be able to tell because you’ll feel your stomach rumbling, for example). Before eating, think to yourself, on a scale of 1-10, how hungry am I? Try to aim for a hunger level of 7-8 before you eat.

Extra tip: As a golden rule, if it’s in your house, you will eat it.

If you buy cookies, you will eat them – if all you have available in your house are fruit and healthy snacks, then that is what you will eat. Try to go for healthy snacks with proper nutrients.

Also keep in mind, that changing habits is gradual. If you try to do all these steps at once, you will likely feel overwhelmed. So try to take it step by step, and build on your success over time.