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Namaste With Us on International Yoga Day: Here’s Why Yoga is Valuable for Your Body & Mind

Yoga Day | Cynergi Health and Fitness

If you’ve never tried yoga before, this is your calling! You might think that it’s all just about mindfulness and inner peace, but yoga can offer a whole lot more than that. Although the mental health benefits are great, yoga also offers a lot of physical benefits for people of all ages.  So on International Yoga Day, celebrate with us by joining in on a yoga class or practising some yoga at home.

Find your inner peace and learn about the many benefits of yoga.

International Yoga Day | Cynergi Health and Fitness | Yoga Pose

1. Helps to Reduce Stress

Picture yourself in a quiet room just focusing on your breathing while trying to clear your mind. Just being present can help you in so many ways. We’re always so busy with a million things going on in our minds, so some time for yoga can really help you with stress management and mindfulness.

International Yoga Day | Cynergi Health and Fitness | Yoga Class at the Beach

2. Improves Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the key elements of yoga. It’s important to stay flexible because as our bodies start to age, they will become more and more stiff, which can lead to improper posture and movement habits.

3. Helps to Build Strength

Slow movements and deep breathing will increase your blood flow, therefore, warming up muscles. When you’re stretching, yoga can really help you to build strength by stretching your muscle groups. Imagine holding a pose – that in itself can
build strength!

So if you also lift weights, yoga can really help you relieve muscle soreness when you’re working out in the gym. 

International Yoga Day | Cynergi Health and Fitness | Yoga Class

4. Promotes Self-Care

You may feel increased mental and physical energy when you’re doing yoga repetitively. It’s great to feel that boost of alertness and enthusiasm. There’s no pressure when it comes to yoga – you can take your own time when doing exercises which is why there are very few negative feelings about yoga.

Yoga can really help you in your everyday life – the same methods that you use in yoga can be applied to your life too.

5. May Boost Your Immunity

As human beings, we’re obviously vulnerable to illness. Practising yoga consistently has links to better immune system functioning. For example, chronic stress negatively affects your immune system. Yoga is considered to be a scientifically backed alternative treatment for physical and mental stress. So if you’ve got chronic pain conditions, yoga can leave a positive impact on low back pain, arthritis and neck pain.

International Yoga Day | Cynergi Health and Fitness | Yoga Pose female

BONUS: Did you know that having a yoga routine can also help you get in the right mindset and prepare your body to fall asleep? So on International Yoga Day, you might want to consider updating your schedule where you regularly practice Yoga, such as attending classes weekly.

Having a yoga instructor is a great way to have individualised plans that work well for you and your needs. And that’s why you get started with yoga at our Cynergi Health & Fitness Club! We’ve got regular yoga classes for you to attend so sign up!

So enjoy the benefits of our yoga classes, taught by our professional yoga instructors. If you want to stay on top of your health and reduce your stress levels, join a class today and stay in shape!