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Join the Olympic Spirit on International Olympic Day

International Olympic Day | Cynergi Health and Fitness

Today’s International Olympic Day! This special sports-based holiday was held for the first time on 23rd June in 1948, with multiple events hosted by nine National Olympic Committees (NOCs).

It’s been exactly 75 years since then and this year, there will be 130 NOCs across five continents marking the occasion! Around five million people are expected to take part in these activities for International Olympic Day.

The theme for this year’s Olympic Day is ‘Let’s Move’ aimed at inspiring people around the world to ‘make a move’. This global movement insists that people get off their phones and get up from sitting to instead do daily activities to help their physical and mental health.

International Olympic Day | Cynergi Health and Fitness | Olympic Rings

Here’s Some History

It’s important to understand how and why the Olympics started in the first place. Around 3,000 years ago, in Ancient Greece, people participated in a sporting contest which was held every four years. The aim was to show off how amazing they were at all sorts of sports.

International Olympic Day | Cynergi Health and Fitness | Ancient Greece

Back then, they didn’t have the internet and let’s say the lifestyle wasn’t as luxurious and comfortable as we’ve got it today. The sports took place at a temple dedicated to Zeus in Olympia and so that’s where the name comes from. 

In 1894, French educator and historian Pierre de Coubertin decided that he wanted to revive the Olympic Games. He managed to do so in 1896, making him the father of the modern Olympic Games. The first Games of the modern era were held in Athens.

Malta and the Olympics

The Olympics aims at celebrating everyone – even small countries like Malta.
The Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) were actually just recently held in Malta with nine participating countries. This was the 19th edition of the GSSE and roughly 1,000 athletes participated in the games. 

Maltese athletes did amazing in the Games of the Small States of Europe. They won a total of 97 medals, placing Malta as the winning country overall. We’re really at the top when it comes to sports.

The next Summer Olympics Games will be in 2024 and will be held in Paris! Malta participates in these games too, with so many athletes trying their chances to qualify. Are you as excited as we are to watch these upcoming games?

International Olympic Day | Cynergi Health and Fitness | Man Running

Make a Move

Maltese athletes have proven that they can achieve big when it comes to sports, so, maybe you should try to be more active too! You don’t have to become an Olympic athlete, but you can improve your physical health by moving your body.

So why not try to be more active by heading to the gym? At Cynergi Health & Fitness Club, you can achieve big things too. Just like our Olympic athletes, you can see great results. Give yourself a shot and be more physically active!

International Olympic Day is there for everyone to celebrate and rejoice when it comes to sports. Join in on the spirit of sports with Cynergi and celebrate Olympic athletes and the Games on International Olympic Day!